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Infant Massage Workshop

Live with

Allison & Mary

Get ready to build a new way of communicating and soothing your baby!

  • Want your baby to feel how much you care?
  • Want to boost endorphins to help your baby relax?
  • Want to support better quality of sleep?
  • Want to reduce symptoms of colic, gas, & fussiness?

Studies show that all this and more are improved through Infant Massage.

Don’t wait to sign up for our workshop  …… Your baby will be thrilled!

Hands On Practical Demonstrations

Learn techniques to comfort, soothe and connect with your baby

Workshop will run approximately 1.5 hours.

If your baby is awake during the workshop, bring him or her to get hands-on experience while the class is being taught. If baby is sleeping, no worries! Just bring a large doll to practice with. Blankets/Pillows are advised as well for optimal comfort during the massage.

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