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Milestones met.

online resources to support every child’s development

Welcome to Tots on Target

Together, we can help

kids stay on track.

When children fall behind on developmental milestones, they can have a tough time at school and at home. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

With our proactive approach, parents can support every child’s development in simple, meaningful ways.

Tots on Target Resources


Babies on the Move


Demystify milestones so you can confidently support your child’s first year of development.


Join our supportive community of parents and pros who love learning how kids’ brains and bodies develop.


Dive deep into specific developmental topics so you can help kids you care about thrive.


Listen in as Allison, Mary, and their guests offer practical tips to help keep your tots on target.

Tots on Target takes a
holistic approach to child development from birth through early school age.

Sensory Processing

Motor Milestones

Social-Emotional Development

Play Skills

School-Related Skills






Hi there!

We’re Allison & Mary.

Over the past decade, we’ve talked with hundreds of parents who want to help their kids stay on track developmentally.

But wanting to do something and knowing how to do it are two entirely different things. So they often feel a bit lost and a lot frustrated.

We created Tots on Target to bridge the gap between parents and pediatric professionals so we can all work together to support every child’s development.

Allison Mell (L), Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Mary Deutsch (R), Licensed Occupational Therapist

"As a pediatric physical therapist, I found Allison and Mary’s content helpful as a new mom. It’s relevant and simple to follow and comprehend. They also create an atmosphere of understanding, never shaming or creating mom guilt."

Dr. Denise DeRosa

"As a pediatrician, parents ask me questions about milestones, difficulty with tummy time, poor pencil grasp, sensory sensitivities, and more. Tots on Target has been a wonderful resource to learn more about these areas so I can better help my patients and their families."

Dr. Shana Kaye, M.D.

"Mary and Allison share practical tips and tricks for how to intentionally play, interact, and communicate with our little ones as they continue to grow and develop. I regularly gain new insights from them!"

Lauren E., Sleep Consultant

Trusted by 100K parents and counting.



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